3D – Worldview

The studio over the clouds

Today, a worldview is primarily understood to be the totality of personal values, ideas and perceptions based on knowledge, tradition, experience and feeling, which concern the interpretation of the world, the role of the individual in it, the view of society and, to some extent, the meaning of life. (Wikipedia). So also the view of the planets and galaxy/s changed with the centuries. In this animation, which was realized with Cinema4D, these two world views are shown in reverse in the change.
Today’s presentation is the start and goes back to the 16th century as if in a time travel. This represents the point in time when the old view that the Earth is in the center of the galaxy was disproved.
I have taken the exact measurements of the planets as well as their orbits. The orbits have been scaled down by a factor, because otherwise the observation was more than difficult.
Atmospheric clouds and bitmaps provide a spatial experience of the individual planets.


  • Cinema4D
  • Unity