Pictograms are used in the age of globalization and digitalization to convey information quickly and independently of language. This family of pictograms is dedicated to the supermarket theme and ranges from employee to checkout, information point and deposit return to parking and employee/security.

In order to create a uniform and coherent overall picture, clearly defined framework conditions are required. Among other things, a strong degree of abstraction, which, however, must not get in the way of the degree of iconicity. Clearly structured frameworks have created a unified family, which has remained clearly recognizable through its simplicity. The rules established in the process are:


Contours (no areas)

500 x 500 Pixel

Line width 12


rounded corners

Stroke end round

Line spacing = line width

no spatial perspective (2D)

no frames/backgrounds

Greatly simplified

To the development and
conceptual design
of a pictogram family includes research and
Conceptual design
as well as valid surveys. These were evaluated with the aid of a dendrogram in order to obtain the best possible


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Figma