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Patient Zero – Welcome on Board

Have you ever wondered what it is like to investigate your case?
What it’s like to save the world from a pandemic?

You are stuck on the cruise ship “The Queen’s Crown” with a bunch of passengers, far out in the ocean. No one will get home safely unless you can find Patient Zero – the person who has got infected with the Coronavirus which might start a global pandemic.

Investigate and listen closely to everyone on the ship. It’s the only way you can figure out who on board is telling the truth – and who is the liar.

The future of the Earth lies in your hands.

Listen closely. Find Patient Zero.


We decided to create an online game, which is about finding the Patient Zero on board a cruise ship. Patient Zero is a single-player game where you become a detective who can save the world from a pandemic. Try it out NOW !


As the global COVID-19 pandemic occurred and several states and the world’s governments shat a brick, a cruise ship named “The Queen’s Crown” was denied access to all ports in the Mediterranean Sea. They told the crew that the only way for them to get permission to dock on one of these ports is to assure that no one on board has got the infection.

The “Queen’s Crown” has 7 days to ascertain that no one on board is infected, or if not:

to find the infected person and quarantine him or her before the 7 days ultimatum is over. After these two weeks (7 rounds) the game stops and if the player has not managed to solve the mystery, the whole ship gets contaminated and the player loses.

On board of this cruise ship is Seth Rogers, a detective on vacation, who is responsible for uncovering all lies and finding the infected person on board, the Patient Zero.

Patient Zero - Player

What People on Board say

Patient Zero - Narcisse

It was the same as always… Same ship, same kind of passengers, losing too much money on board, same people mispronouncing my name. Then the illness started and with it came this Seth Rogers. He asks too many questions and sticks his nose in other people’s business…

Patient Zero - Carl

A trip with a bunch of old friends, just like back in the day. I was really looking forward to this trip. The outbreak of a pandemic and people my age in the risk group? – Well, of course it casts a shadow on the whole thing...

Patient Zero - Francesca

I was having a wonderful vacation on board. The wine was excellent and the people around me were lovely as well. It felt as if, for a moment, all problems would fall off me. Then the virus started to spread…

Behind the Scenes

From countless layers, hours and tutorials the game “Patient Zero” evolved. Everything started with the idea and the game mechanics. As our characters came alive, they started to speak and almost developed their own will.
Animated and embedded in the game they are now able to tell their very own story on board of the cruise ship.

Our design process consisted of illustrating the characters and backgrounds, which were then animated. In a prototype we also displayed the game mechanics. Together with self-created video material these were then completed in the Game Engine Unity.

What People on Board say

Our team consists of 9 members from four different universities from all over the world. We are all completely different people with different skills and characteristics and a semester full of new experiences and impressions was waiting for us. Most of us had known each other for just a week before the project started and possibly hadn’t spoken live with each other until today. Through countless meetings in MS teams and the transfer of infinite amounts of data, we were able to set up a group project and get to know each other better over the weeks.

Design Team


Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica – Industrial | Design Ingineerign

Character design, UX / UI design, Teaser, Animation

Design Team


Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica – Industrial | Design Ingineerign

Character design, Background design, UX / UI design

Design Team


Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology | Graphic Design

Background design

Design Team


FH Vorarlberg | Intermedia

Background design, UX design, Teaser

Unity Team


FH Vorarlberg | Intermedia

Story, Character design, Audio

Unity Team


Vilnius Gediminas Technical University | Multimedia and computer design


Unity Team


FH Vorarlberg | Intermedia

Audio implementation, Coding, Assembly

Unity Team


FH Vorarlberg | Intermedia

Audio implementation, Coding, Assembly, Animation

Unity Team


FH Vorarlberg | Intermedia

Story, Coding, Assembly, Audio